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A Citizenship in a Tax Haven

Vanuatu is one of the last remaining tax havens on the planet, making this sub-tropical Republic a popular choice among wealthy foreigners, investors, and corporations. Located in the South Pacific Ocean in a 1,300 km long archipelago, Vanuatu is truly a hidden tropical paradise that offers an unbeatable combination of leisure activities, luxury resorts, and a highly developed and respected financial services sector.

Freedom From High Taxation Rates

Citizenship in Vanuatu provides a wide variety of benefits for individuals who are looking for a legal way to protect their assets and preserve family wealth, earned income, inheritances, and gifts – all which are completely tax-free.

That’s right – Vanuatu has absolutely no income tax, no capital gains tax, and no corporate tax. In fact, the only tax in Vanuatu is the Value Added Tax, or VAT, which is currently set at 15 percent.

Apply For Vanuatu Citizenship From Anywhere

Another notable advantage of the Vanuatu Citizenship Program is the fact that there is no need to travel to Vanuatu to either apply for or maintain Vanuatu Citizenship and a Vanuatu Passport. This makes submitting an application easy from anywhere in the world, and the lack of residency requirement eliminates the need for busy individuals to take time to travel to Vanuatu simply to have their passport stamped.

Secure The Right To Live and Work in Vanuatu

While there is no rule that compels holders of a Vanuatu Citizenship to ever visit the tropical Republic, each year many ex-pats do take advantage of the fact that their Vanuatu Citizenship gives them the right to live and work in Vanuatu as they see fit.

This provides foreigners who currently live in high-profile countries the ‘safety net’ that comes with knowing should war, economic instability or other threats pose a problem for them and their families, they can always use their Vanuatu Citizenship to establish a safe residence far away from their homeland.

Enjoy The Same Rights As Natural-Born Citizens – Including Visa-Free Travel

Unlike second citizenship in other tax havens, in Vanuatu, a second citizenship comes with all the same rights as natural-born citizens have except political rights.

A Vanuatu Passport allows holders visa-free entry into more than 122 countries, providing an attractive option for everyone from international business people to retirees and digital nomads. Passports are valid for a period of five years and are renewed upon expiry.

Fast Application Approval

The Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program is designed to make the entire application process quick and seamless. There are no language requirements, and applicants are accepted from almost every country in the world. Those who meet the application criteria (which includes having a clear criminal record) can expect to receive approval within just 4-6 weeks.

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