Jul 17, 2018 / vrp-blog

How to choose an Agent for Vanuatu Citizenship?

The first step for applying for Vanuatu Citizenship is to choose an authorized agent. Applications must be handled by an agent and cannot be submitted directly to the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission. The agent will act on behalf of applicants and guide them throughout the process until they receive their citizenship certificates and passports.

Choosing an agent is the most important step in the whole process. A good choice can guarantee a good outcome!

VRP-MENA is proud to be one of the first companies to be appointed as an Authorized designated Agent for the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Programs back in 2015 with a long track-record of professional performance and hundreds of happy and satisfied new citizens.

VRP-MENA is expert in helping people from around the world apply and get the Vanuatu Citizenship and Passport through the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Programs.

Once you make your decision, VRP-MENA will provide you with necessary assistance in preparing your application forms and required documents for submission to the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission.

Looking for a trustworthy citizenship by investment agent and consultant? Look no further, start your application with VRP-MENA today!


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