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Pay with Bitcoin for Vanuatu Citizenship

The latest announcement from the small island chain near Australia makes a dream of moving to a living paradise closer to reality. Surrounded by glittering ocean views, the Republic of Vanuatu is quickly becoming a famous destination among tourists, business professionals, investors, and immigrants alike. And now comes the news that the payment for the citizenship can be made with a modern and popular method – Bitcoin.

Known commonly among the people living there as the Isles of Contrast, Vanuatu has much to offer for practically anyone who has the slightest interest in becoming a citizen. Not only does it offer breathtaking views, but its renowned for its slower, more tranquil way of life. Because a number of the islands have yet to reach the modern world’s level of development, anyone has a chance to find their place, relax, and appreciate the life as it is.

Vanuatu is also popular among businesses and investors because of the country’s relaxed tax laws.  Taxes that are common in other parts of the world, like income, capital gains, and withholding taxes don’t exist in Vanuatu, meaning investors and businesses can retain more of their profits.

There are plenty of investment opportunities in the country as well, including in industries like:

  • Renewable energy
  • Real estate
  • Tourism

Vanuatu government does its best to attract investors to these industries instead of just waiting for them to show up and offer their money. In fact, accepting Bitcoin as a payment for citizenship is the first step for the island chain to get more businesses and investors coming to the country’s shores.

As a member of the British Commonwealth, a Vanuatu citizenship comes with a variety of benefits. First one, of course, is the possibility to visit more than 113 countries without getting a visa. Then, there’s the tax benefit, as Vanuatu taxes are really low and relaxed. Together with the fact that Vanuatu citizenship lasts throughout a lifetime and the respect that Vanuatu passports receive around the world (they are ranked 45th), the country becomes a truly appealing destination for the second citizenship. On top of it is a really simple process of getting a passport, as there aren’t any residency requirements to become a citizen.

The country already offers a few different ways for people to become citizens and obtain a Vanuatu passport. For example, the citizenship by investment program will grant individuals and families full citizenship for as low as $150,000. However, Vanuatu doesn’t directly accept bitcoin payments, you can address VRP-MENA and get your bitcoin converted into dollars for the government.

Vanuatu Citizenship with Bitcoin

The fact that individuals and families can purchase Vanuatu citizenship with Bitcoin isn’t only exciting news for prospective citizens, though. The news is actually very exciting for cryptocurrency fans and investors because it could be the start of more countries accepting Bitcoin payments. Though Vanuatu is the first country that has offered the possibility to make payments for the citizenship with the cryptocurrency, many hope that more countries will follow suit.

The Vanuatu Information Centre first announced the country’s intent to start accepting Bitcoin as a payment method last year. Individuals and their families applying through the country’s DSP Citizenship Program got a chance to make such payments shortly after the announcement.

The country’s Parliamentary Secretary confirmed this exciting news. Additionally, a recent official ensured that the Government of Vanuatu would support the decision to begin accepting citizenship payments in Bitcoin.

As another mean to improve the level of security, anyone applying for the citizenship program will have to go through a screening process led by the country’s Financial Intelligence Unit. If during the screening the information about a criminal background is revealed, such people won’t be able to go through the citizenship program.

Why Are Cryptocurrency Payments Growing in Popularity?

In recent years, cryptocurrency transactions have increased in popularity for a number of reasons. For starters, transactions made with digital currencies involve encrypted ledgers for improved security and transparency. Additionally, Bitcoin is becoming a popular method of making cross-border transactions because it isn’t tied to one government and isn’t bogged down by regulations.

Final Thoughts

With all this update to the Vanuatu citizenship program payments, it’s a very good time to apply. If you’ve invested in Bitcoin, put it to good use by buying citizenship that not only offers access to visa-free travel to more than 116 countries and other territories but also offers an easy, less stressful way of life and bountiful investment opportunities. Don’t put it off any longer. Start your application process for the Vanuatu citizenship today. And bear in mind that VRP-MENA will duly process your bitcoin payment and convert it into dollars that are acceptable by the government at the moment. For more information about how to apply for citizenship with Bitcoin please visit the VRP-MENA Vanuatu Citizenship page https://vrp-mena.com/lang/index.php

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