How to apply for citizenship through VRP....
How to apply for citizenship through VRP....

Apply for a Vanuatu Citizenship through VRP-MENA

When your country suffers the consequences of a devastating cyclone swoop, what does your government do to recover from the adverse effects? Does it let its citizens rise and build back their homes or does it invite investors to help?
The Vanuatu Government faced such a problem after cyclone PAM had unleashed its wrath on the island in the South Pacific Ocean. The government settled on the latter alternative and set up an Economic Rehabilitation Program in exchange for citizenship.
This led to the launch of VRP-MENA as the only coordinator of the Vanuatu Economic Rehabilitation Program (VERP) back in 2015. This initiative was then mandated to process citizenship applications in exchange for investments in the Vanuatu economy.
After the termination of the Vanuatu Economic Rehabilitation Program in March 2016, the Citizenship Commission then mandated VRP-MENA to be their worldwide agent. They would still proceed with the “Contribution Program” to the Development Support Program.
Are you wondering how to apply for citizenship through VRP-MENA? Don’t you worry. We have put together all the useful and relevant information about this noble campaign aimed at achieving economic prosperity for Vanuatu.
Who Can Apply for Vanuatu Citizenship through VRP-MENA?
The Government of Vanuatu doesn’t place any restrictions on people of other nationalities when it comes to specifying of their citizenship. All applicants have an equal chance and are examined independently by their affiliations.
In order to try your luck at becoming a citizen of Vanuatu, you need to know where to apply for dual citizenship. Even those who have no nationality can make an application to the program, provided they can give a proof of birth through birth certificates.
There is no discrimination against anyone even though the opportunities available may be limited.
What If I have family Members Who’d Like to Apply?
Family members are your greatest source of inspiration, and you definitely don’t want to leave them behind when moving to a land of abundant opportunities. The following family members can obtain citizenship if they meet the set criteria.

  1. Parents (either), provided they are aged 50 years and above
  2. Your children aged below 25 years, and not married. The children should also be studying at either a school, college or university. The children can be adopted, natural or born from previous marriages.
  3. For a woman applicant, her husband and children will be allowed citizenship.

Application Process
Applying for dual citizenship is a pretty simple and straightforward process, provided you follow the spelled-out steps. Here is the mechanism that will let you expect to be taken through.

  • Step 1

First, you need to submit a copy of your curriculum vitae and your passport, together with that of your family members. Each person aged over 18 years also has to submit a copy of their judicial records (if available). These documents should be sent via email to

  • Step 2

The submitted documents are then used by the National and security authorities to conduct a due diligence inquiry. An approval or denial is given within a week from the date the documents were received. This approval is free.

  • Step 3

If your documents pass due diligence and you have no criminal record, we’ll start preparing your contract. You’ll be required to submit a host of other documents to facilitate the process. These include:

      • A copy of the birth certificates of all family members
      • Copies of national identity cards if available
      • A copy of judicial records for the members aged over 18 years
      • A copy of the marriage contract for those who are married
      • A copy of certificate of achievement for those who have it

The delivery of these documents can be done in person by visiting VRP-MENA offices or using courier services.
Application Costs
The application does come at a price. This is always true for any good opportunities. The following are the minimum fees and expenses that you will take.


Amount ($)

One (1) person


Husband and wife


3-member family


4-member family


5-member family


6-member family


Any extra person under 18 years


Additional person between 18 and 25 years

20, 000

Each Parent


When to Make the Payment
When making an application together with family members, you are required to make the payment after you have been issued the FIU clearance from the State Law Office. You are expected to pay 50% of the contract at this point.
The remaining 50% is paid after the National Authority has approved your application. For individual applications, the amount is paid in full after being issued with the FIU clearance.
How Long Does It Take to Apply for Citizenship?
Acquiring a Republic of Vanuatu Nationality is one of the fastest available programs. After your first application has been approved, the whole process can be completed in three months under normal circumstances.
If you are in some kind of emergency, you can pay a fee of $5,000 so that your application is processed faster, in about 45 days.

  • Step 4 (Collection)

After the successful processing of an applicant’s citizenship request, an applicant is required to take an oath of allegiance to the Republic of Vanuatu. When the process is completed, you can choose between three methods of collection, namely:

      • Collect the documents personally at the Government Commissioner office for the oath and documents
      • Invite the Government Commissioner to your country of residence at your own expense.
      • Receive the citizenship at the Beirut office

Branches of VRP-MENA
If you are looking for where to apply for Vanuatu citizenship, you can contact our offices in the following locations:

  • Port Vila, in the Republic of Vanuatu
  • Beirut, Lebanon
  • Portoviejo, Ecuador

It is not a question of where to apply for dual citizenship anymore, but when to. Just book a date, and you’ll be served.
VRP-MENA is a symbol of credibility, efficiency, and integrity when it comes to citizenship application to the Republic of Vanuatu. It is the best service provider and gives every applicant an equal chance of getting into the VRP program. This is as long as your documents and records are unquestionable. No one is discriminated against race, color, nationality or religion.