How and Why You Need to apply for Vanuatu Citizenship
How and Why You Need to apply for Vanuatu Citizenship

How and Why You Need to Apply for Citizenship of Vanuatu

Nowadays, there are lots of secondary residencies and citizenships being advertised wherever you go. Still, not all of them are always a good option for you. The Citizenship Program in Vanuatu is a different story. In case you are looking for a dual citizenship, Vanuatu should be your ideal choice. 

This small island country enables you to become its citizen and escape the political and economic crises of the rest of the world. This is a great opportunity to become a citizen of a country with the Highest Happy Planet Index, outside the Americas. 

The program to obtain Vanuatu Passport and Citizenship comes with plenty of benefits, which you have probably never heard of. If you have not, then this article will lead you through the application process and outline the benefits of this program. 

Vanuatu passport opens the potential for traveling to a great number of countries. This is definitely an opportunity you’d like to consider. Moreover, with the granted residency and citizenship you will be able to become a naturalized citizen. This looks like the real deal when it comes to applying for dual citizenship. So here is how you can make an application.

Which Way of Getting Vanuatu Citizenship Is the Fastest?

There are a few ways of getting Vanuatu citizenship: by naturalization, entitlement, regain, by marriage to citizens and via Honorary Citizenship Program. Most of them are quite time-consuming, for instance getting a citizenship by naturalization requires you to stay in Vanuatu for not less than 10 years. <br><br>

Participating in the Honorary Citizenship Program is the fastest and easiest way to claim a citizenship of the island nation. You can get a Vanuatu passport in only 2 months with no need to travel or reside in the country. VRP-MENA is authorized by the Government of Vanuatu to assist investors willing to take part in the Honorary Citizenship Program.


Application Process

  • Step 1

The Applicant’s eligibility is determined at the first step. Applicants are advised if they are eligible to obtain the citizenship. If the applicant is determined to be eligible, he/she gets an application document form. Depending on the way you decided to get Vanuatu citizenship, these are five application forms you are expected to choose from at this stage. In all likelihood, if you’ll only need to fill in Form D:

  • Form A: If you are a non-citizen of Vanuatu, you can only apply for Vanuatu Citizenship provided you have stayed in Vanuatu continuously for not less than 10 years before submitting the application.
  • Form B: Any person who is not a citizen of Vanuatu but is married to a Vanuatu citizen can only apply for the citizenship in case that they are legally married and have stayed in Vanuatu for at least 2 years before the application.
  • Form Ca: To acquire citizenship via Entitlement, it is required that either of your grandparents or parents have acquired their citizenship via Naturalization or have the Ni-Vanuatu ancestry.
  • Form Cb: This form is for someone who renounced their Vanuatu citizenship but would wish to gain it back.
  • Form D: This form is designed for any investor willing to become a Vanuatu citizen through the Honorary Citizenship Program. To apply you should not have a criminal record and should meet a few other criteria stipulated in the Vanuatu Citizenship Act. If you’re looking for the fastest way to become Vanuatu citizen – you should fill in Form D and contact us.


Children application

Any applications for minor children (under 18 years old) have to be done by their legal conservator or parent(s).

  • Step 2

All the requisite documents are collected according to the checklist provided for every application form. These documents have to be submitted with the completed form to VRP-MENA. Applicants cannot submit their applications directly to the Citizenship Office, they have to submit it through an authorized agent of the citizenship commission. Note that the response time for the application depends heavily on the availability of the stipulated documents.

If you fail to provide these documents, the application may be rejected. So, please check out these documents in the provided checklist at the bottom of this page:

  • Step 3

At this stage, you hand in your application after completing the requested form. If you hand in your application successfully, you’ll have to pay the application fee as stipulated. Further application processing will be done only after this payment.

  • Step 4

An authorized executive examines the application and thereafter forwards it to the Compliance Officer for another round of perusing. This step aims to make sure that:

  • The applicant can apply for citizenship
  • The applicant has completed the forms correctly
  • The applicant has provided all the required documents
  • Step 5

Your application will be revised by the Citizenship Internal Screening Committee.

  • Step 6

At this step, the Citizenship Commission considers and approves your application. It may be approved, rejected or differed, depending on the availability and validity of the provided documents.

  • Step 7

In a week or so, after the special meeting convened by the Commission, you get a notification from the Chief Secretary of Citizenship Office about their decision. If the letter is a confirmation, further information will be included therein.

  • Step 8

You’ll need to pick an oath form which is issued by the Commissioner in charge of oaths. Besides, you’ll be required to complete the form as the Commissioner of oath acts as a witness.

  • Step 9

If your citizenship application is approved, you’ll have to pay the citizenship fees.

Getting Vanuatu Citizenship and Passport through the Honorary Citizenship Program is much faster and easier, compared to applying for citizenship by naturalization, entitlement, regain, or marriage. And here’s why:

  • Vanuatu government fully supports the program
  • You can mention up to three generations during application
  • You are granted to get the dual citizenship
  • There are no residing and landing requirements
  • The program is carried out by a mature legal system.
  • Usually, it takes 6 weeks for approval


If you don’t know where to apply for dual citizenship, then Vanuatu could be definitely your go-to destination.


Vanuatu has so much to offer and many great things you’ll only come to know about when living in this astounding country. With Vanuatu passport, you become free to travel to 113 countries which recognize this document, enjoy the low-tax haven with no income taxes and lots of other goodies.

The process of acquiring the citizenship is carried out by the best company in the business, the VRP-MENA. Transparency, integrity, and non-discrimination are the normal practices for the day at this service provider.  We wish you luck in your request for the Republic of Vanuatu citizenship.