How to Apply for Vanuatu Citizenship - Complete Guide
How to Apply for Vanuatu Citizenship - Complete Guide

A Complete Guide on How to Apply for Vanuatu Citizenship Online

Whether it becomes your sole citizenship, or you retain dual citizenship with your current country, fast-track citizenship with Vanuatu is the quickest path to a new passport. In addition to the ability to travel to and reside in an amazing and beautiful country, there other benefits of citizenship.

Financial: Vanuatu’s taxes continue to be nearly non-existent. A Value Added Tax (VAT) of 15% on imports means that Vanuatu’s cost of living isn’t lower than most large countries, however there are no other personal or business taxes. The offshore financial center offers international banking, long established financial services, and a low regulation business environment.

Travel: A Vanuatu passport allows easy travel (visa-free or visa on arrival) to more than 114 countries. It is the only low cost and fast citizenship program that offers a passport with visa-free travel to Russia without restriction on business and work travel.

Convenience: You could have a new Vanuatu passport in your hand in as little as one month, and the investment required is among the lowest in the world. Partner with VRP Mena by following the step by step guide below, and your goal of second citizenship is only weeks away.

How to Apply: A Step by Step Guide to Vanuatu Citizenship with VRP MENA

  1. View requirements: See the link below for specifics on fees and documents you’ll need.
  2. First Documents: Once you’ve made your decision, email these two documents to VRP Mena.
    1. Passport: Scan the page of your passport that has your passport number, photo and biographical data on it.
    2. Curriculum Vitae: Only for the primary applicant.
  3. FIU Screening: We will work with the Vanuatu Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) to begin the first screening process. This screening costs USD$2,000.
  4. Document Collection: While the FIU screening takes place, gather the rest of your documents.
    1. Birth certificates
    2. Marriage certificates (if married)
    3. Copy of National IDs (for all individuals who have them)
    4. Police Clearances
    5. Other documents which are listed in the required documents link below.
  5. FIU Clearance: The FIU Clearance is the biggest hurdle to clear in the citizenship process. Next, several things are needed for the Citizenship Commission Confirmation.
    1. Service Agreement: VRP MENA will send a service agreement to be signed by the primary applicant and VRP MENA.
    2. Document Packet: Send the original documents you collected to VRP MENA by DHL.
    3. Half payment: 50% of the total citizenship fees are due at this time.
  6. Citizenship Commission approval: The Citizenship Commission will issue their approval within one month. At this time:
    1. The second 50% of your citizenship fees are due
    2. Complete and send passport applications (with photos) for each new citizen.
  7. Document copies: VRP MENA will send you copies of your citizenship Certificate and Vanuatu passport.
  8. Oath and Original documents: The only in-person requirement of the citizenship process is the citizenship oath. You will receive your original citizenship papers and passport at the oath ceremony. There are three options for the location of the ceremony:
    1. Vanuatu: Travel to the country and take the Oath of Allegiance Ceremony in Vanuatu.
    2. Your Residence: At your invitation, and at your expense, VRP MENA can arrange to bring the Commissioner of Oath and a Passport officer to your country
    3. VRP-MENA offices: VRP MENA will arrange for the ceremony in its own offices.

Fast-track citizenship with Vanuatu is the quickest path to a new passport and citizenship. To begin, please review the documents and fee requirements link below, and send us your first documents!